You Can Be an Angel

You Can Be an Angel


This story follows the life of a group of nurses as they take on their challenging routines with professionalism and pride. Wang Ruojun is an experienced nurse who saved Liu You Le from an accident. You Le is grateful towards Ruojun and this incident inspires her to be a nurse. Though successful in her career, Ruojun faced marital woes. Her husband of many years cheated on her and even has a love child outside. Fu Jiazi is originally a software engineer; he lost a friend during a car accident and blames himself for not being able to save his friend. This incident makes him decide to quit his job as a software engineer and become a nurse. Guan Xinni suspects that Xie Yaozong is the man who molested her when she was a child. Because of this misunderstanding, she puts herself in many funny and embarrassing situations. The nurses not only face challenges in their job but also in love as well. Will they be able to resolve their problems in love, career and family?

Other Name: 你也可以是天使

Released: May. 05, 2015





Cast: N/A

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