Welcome to the Occult Forest

Welcome to the Occult Forest


A washed up horror film director named Kôji Kuroishi (played by Kôji Shiraishi) and his assistant director named Miho Ichikawa visit a house deep in wooded mountains to film a movie. Once arrived, they meet a mentally deranged woman named Maria Miyoshi who proclaims she’s a fan of Kuroishi’s works. The woman pleads that she’s experienced the same things as documented in Kuroishi’s works. Unexplainable phenomena quickly begin to happen, so Kuroishi sets out to document these experiences and turn them into a film, together with the help of a ‘super volunteer’ named Shôhei Uno and a handsome psychic medium named Nanashi.

Other Name: オカルトの森へようこそ


Released: Jul. 22, 2022




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