The World of Love

The World of Love


TV series adapted from the chinese novel (结缘) Entwined Fate written by the author of Desperate Love.

Set in the 5 dynasties and 10 kingdoms period, Yuan Yue Zheng could have led a carefree and happy life…. if she did not love the ambitious Eldest Prince Feng Lin. Meanwhile, Feng Lin’s younger brother, the Crown Prince Feng Xun is deeply in love with Yue Zheng. However, Yue Zheng does not know that Feng Lin is secretly in love with General Du’s daughter Du Si Yu or that he is planning to take his brother’s position to become the next King. When Yuan Lin decides to use Yue Zheng to help him get the throne through a marriage alliance, Yue Zheng is overjoyed and marries him. Yuan Lin did not care for Yue Zheng at all initially but slowly falls in love with her after the countless times she sacrifices herself to help him. But despite his pure intentions towards her now, Yuan Li’s past actions and motives come back to haunt him, causing Yue Zheng to misunderstand him. Du Si Yu uses this chance to marry him but fails to regain Feng Lin’s love. Eventually Feng Lin’s persistence and sincerity to Yue Zheng resolves their misunderstanding and he successfully recaptures Yue Zheng’s heart again.

Other Name: 失宠王妃之结缘

Released: Feb. 17, 2015


Cast: N/A

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