The Kinnaree Conspiracy

The Kinnaree Conspiracy


During the reign of Narayan Nyamgyi, the land of Ayutthaya was prosperous, as I said, there was trade with Westerners, and everywhere there were foreign merchants, ambassadors, It is full of military officers. Makoying Phutkan is the daughter of a famous physician who has passed away. Lon Trafford is a battalion commander responsible for the safety of the city’s citizens. Robert is an officer who is close to the French diplomatic officer recruited from the King of France. One day, when the body of a drowned person appeared, and the dead person was a French officer, the officer not only drowned, but also wore a canary dress that only young ladies in the court wear, and conflicts arose between France and Ayutthaya. When Loin and Rob have feelings for escape

Other Name: ลายกินรี


Released: Oct. 24, 2022


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