The Four Daughters of Luoyang

The Four Daughters of Luoyang


This is a story about the love and career of the Luoyang daughters. Gu Jing Jing, a well-known social flower, and the second daughter of the Gu family, is smart and beautiful. For her, the most important thing in life is fashion and beauty. She is like a modern day internet celebrity but in ancient Luoyang City. When dealing with feelings, she believed in the action. She fell in love with the handsome Ye Shu Ji at first sight. Ye Shu Ji is a young, shy general well-known for his great military exploits. In front of Gu Jing Jing, he is an altogether upright, kind and dull person, and blushes easily.

Other Name: 洛阳四千金

Released: May. 11, 2022




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