The Disappearing Child

The Disappearing Child


On the early morning of the winter solstice, Yang Yuan’s nine-year-old son disappeared without a trace in the stairwell. The police found that he had sneaked into a neighbor’s house just before his disappearance. The suspicious neighbor has a solid alibi, as if remotely controlling a magic room escape.

On the other side of the unit, Yuan Wu’s father died suddenly after drinking. In order to receive his pension, Yuan Wu decided to hide his father’s body in the rental house. During the period, he encountered the fear of illusion and reality, and inadvertently touched on another mystery.

Six months ago, Lin Chu Ping, a single female white-collar worker living alone, woke up in her home and found that she was violated in her sleep, but had no clue about the culprit, only a piece of ether handkerchief left on the window sill…

These seemingly unrelated people, in different time and space Overlap each other and start their journey of finding answers.

Other Name: 消失的孩子


Released: Aug. 29, 2022


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