Palace: Devious Women

Palace: Devious Women


Gao Xin Yue has written a screenplay that was altered by her colleague, Shu Miao, without her permission. Shu Miao then submitted the altered screenplay to their company headquarters. A furious Gao Xin Yue wanted to withdraw the submission but accidentally travels into the world of the screenplay. She is now the concubine of the third prince Ling Hong. Due to the script change, Gao Xin Yue experiences countless obstacles after marrying into the palace as various characters plot and scheme for her downfall. What’s worse is that Shu Miao has also time traveled along with her and is manipulating events from behind the scenes. Nonetheless, Gao Xin Yue manages to rise up the ranks from concubine to Ling Hong’s consort. Thinking that everything would be back to normal once the story reaches its happy conclusion, Gao Xin Yue soon realized that things are not as simple as it seems…

Other Name: 一纸寄风月

Released: Oct. 11, 2021




Cast: N/A

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