M!LK メジャーデビュー記念!Ribbon スペシャル

M!LK メジャーデビュー記念!Ribbon スペシャル


Five-member dance vocal group M!LK will make their major label debut in November from Victor Entertainment!

The group released their highly anticipated major debut single “Ribbon” on November 24, and will be performing at their first solo live at the Pacifico Yokohama National Grand Hall in February next year.

M!LK, whose momentum continues unabated, will appear on Space Shower TV Plus for the first time in about three years!

To commemorate the release of their major debut, they will present a special program with a lot of game plans!

Three years ago, Sono and Yamanaka had just joined the group, and there was a sense of freshness about M!LK.

Other Name: M!LK メジャーデビュー記念!Ribbon スペシャル

Released: Aug. 01, 2022



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