Magic of Zero

Magic of Zero


“Magic of Zero” is a short anthology series that tells three stories. In “Zero Photography” Ink and Pa of “Bad Buddy” have been together for a long time and Pa no longer wants to be photographed by her girlfriend. Somehow, Pa ends up time-travelling back to high school when Ink secretly took Pa’s photograph for the first time. In “Zero in the Moonlight,” Maki is a graphic designer who’s afraid of all things round. She has to work with Fong, a new designer many girls have their eye on. Fong likes to wear round glasses, though, so Maki is constantly avoiding his eyes. In “Zero Supporter” Korn of “Cupid’s Last Wish” wants to open a bakery in Bangkok and Win decides to leave the farm to support him. But in the midst of the chaos of their new project, some of the sweetness they had for each other goes missing. The two fight and an accident causes them to swap bodies.

Other Name: Magic of Zero

Released: Aug. 11, 2022


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