Life’s Punchline

Life’s Punchline


A comedy trio who gave up on their dreams and disbanded. An older sister who quit working in a company and became a shell of her former self. A younger sister who works in the city at night without a goal. 5 people who can’t come back from their failures. In their 20s. But these failures are just a “lead up” to success later in life!? It is an ensemble drama that opens with laughter and connects failure to hope!

Takaiwa Haruto (Suda Masaki), Minowa Junpei (Nakano Taiga), and Asabuki Shunta (Kamiki Ryunosuke) are members of the unpopular comedy trio, “Macbeth”. Nakahama Rihoko (Arimura Kasumi) is a waitress at the family restaurant where the trio always meet to create stories. Tsumugi (Furukawa Kotone) is her younger sister.

Every episode begins with the skit of the comedy trio “Macbeth” and as the title suggests, the opening conte* is connected as an important hint to the rest of the episode’s story.

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Other Name: コントが始まる

Released: Apr. 17, 2021





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