Deep Brains

Deep Brains


This medical drama tells the story of a group of neurosurgeons with different personalities, facing patients with various intractable diseases and complicated operations, conscientiously saving lives in their respective positions.

The two deputy chief physicians of neurosurgery, one is a “Lone Ranger” and the other is a “Surgery Frenzy”. The two have different styles, but they will not have a better life with anyone. “Lone Ranger” Fan Xun (nickname Gu Xiong), the first quick knife in neurosurgery, but he is indifferent, advocating surgery is not the only way to solve the disease. “Surgery mad” Dai Yi Shan (nickname Doctor Shan), returning from overseas, holds the position of deputy director of neurosurgery at a young age, advocating that technology will replace labor, and advanced technology can solve all diseases.

Other Name: 脑海深处

Released: Apr. 28, 2021




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