Circle of Love

Circle of Love


In the past, Gu Meng, the richest family’s only daughter, was plotted by her fiance to lose her family. Today, Gu Meng is no longer as innocent as before and returns as a dance-hostess to assassinate a warlord, Xiao Hongye, with huge authorities. Unfortunately, she has an accident, losing her memory, and was imprisoned by Xiao Hongye to be his servant girl, and was tortured a lot. However, even if she is humiliated badly, she never gives up and vows to reveal the truth and kill the enemy by herself. While she is doing it with great resentment and hatred, she is played by the fate and falls in love with Xiao Hongye in the mutually plotted actions and after repeated memory losses…

Other Name: 锁爱三生

Released: May. 26, 2023


Cast: N/A

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