2021 SBS Entertainment Awards

2021 SBS Entertainment Awards


Having been the leading role of the year 2021 trend with new attempts and various charms, SBS invites you to the festival night of entertainers. The following stars will be hosting this grand event. From “Master in the House”, the most favored show on SBS, is the pillar of the show, Lee Seung Gi. Showing an outstanding sense of empathy and humor from “Need For Womance”, Jang Do Yeon. Once again putting everyone into the charm of soccer, is the model Han Hye Jin from “Shooting Stars”. As the leading trendsetter in the field of Korean entertainment, SBS Entertainment Awards will be brought to you with the NEXT LEVEL Metaverse concept in a way you have never seen before. Stay tuned!

Other Name: 2021 SBS Entertainment Awards

Released: Dec. 01, 2021




Cast: N/A

2021 SBS Entertainment Awards trailer:

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